03 May

Weekly Roundup - Technology And Fragmentation Drive Market Data Volumes

This week an opinion piece in Tabb Forum stood out. We are also seeing an explosion in market data, which is one of the reasons we started TransFICC in 2016.

Tabb Forum - 5 Ways Technology Is Driving Market Data Consumption

"Today’s electronic markets, coupled with increased market fragmentation, have multiplied the volume of market data exponentially. And in response to the increased amount of information available, the way we use technology to consume data has evolved."

Lynn Martin from ICE highlights the key changes:

1. Multi-Device Consumption - Users are consuming data on desktops, mobile and tablet devices. Demand for more mobile data and trading is driving the creation and use of secure, robust mobile apps.

2. Content Over a Range of Delivery Mechanisms - Users want to be able to customise information from APIs and feeds, in addition to desktops, mobiles and tablets.

3. Security and Compliance - Secure data delivery is now being developed with built-in compliance controls.

4. Other Digital Intelligence - Some users want social and digital content combined with market data, to help with predictive analysis.

5. Focus on the User - To be successful in building new data platforms customer-centricity is key.

In summary, a very interesting piece and well worth reading the whole thing.