11 Sep

Why You Should Care About JMH.........And A New Tool To Analyse JMH Data

You may ask the question why do I care about the performance of code that by definition is executed in a very short period of time? The answer is that you should care if a small portion of your code is executed many times, or the latency requirements of your application are in the micro-second timescale.

Once your application is performing as required it can be difficult to maintain that performance whilst making code changes. An automated collection of micro-benchmarks running on key components of your application is an invaluable tool in maintaining the required performance. As a starting point, a history of your JMH results needs to be stored in order to analyse trends in benchmark results.

Influx JMH reporter is an open source tool that we have written that parses the JMH JSON results file from a benchmark and publishes it to an InfluxDB host. We use it to graph and analyse data over time, to detect any degredation in performance.

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