12 Nov

Automation is the Answer - Fixed Income Leaders Summit Amsterdam 2018

Steve has just come back from the Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Amsterdam.

It was a busy few days, with more than 900 delegates, representing major buy-side firms and more than 40 banks.

Regulation, Brexit and Market Fragmentation all got a lot of airtime. But our key takeaway from the conference was how trading desks are starting to deal with increased automation.

Quotes from panels -

Rick McVey - MarketAxess - “All to All is becoming more meaningful. It represents 23% of overall MarketAxess volume and averages 5000+ trades per day”

Eric Boes - Allianz Global Investors - “Regulation pushed us towards electronic trading but eTrading now helps us drive efficiency and helps us scale”

Stuart Campbell - BlueBay - “We have an increased ability to automate smaller trades”

Carl James - Pictet - “We need to hire more people with data handling rather than trading experience”

John Greenan - Alignment Systems - “The different skill sets between trading and technology need to work together “

Oscar Kenessey - NN Investment Partners - “Python is the new ten years’ time my way of working is going to be obsolete. I need to help my traders to ensure their skillsets are still relevant in ten years’ time.”

And congratulations to Jonny Wolfson of Adaptable Tools, who won the Fintech Shark Tank session. The Adaptable Blotter brings together multiple data flows to provide one complete picture on a trader's desktop.