26 Sep

The Rise of FICCtech - Technology Solutions for Fixed Income

A David V Goliath story (as small specialist FICCtechs complete with incumbent legacy systams)

A short extract -

"These tech providers are targeting the FICC markets with new and innovative technology services. FICCtechs have launched targeted services, which focus on resolving specific areas where processes are inefficient, often manual, and usually expensive. For example, in Fixed Income trading, market connectivity is a major issue, due to a seemingly constant stream of new trading platforms and exchanges. Also, managing data is a major industry theme, due to the potential opportunities for those who are able to extract the best insight (and most value) from the vast amount of available data."

"The FICCtech market is responding to client needs by building a purer solution to the core issues – connectivity, data controls, process automation – without the unwanted packaging."

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