06 Feb

TransFICC Joins The Most Influential FinTechs of 2019

A couple of highlights -

"In terms of what has been learnt during the first three years, probably the biggest point is recognising the skills of the co-founders and employees. The team likes working in a great environment and because Devs use pair programming everyone works in the office. This means communication is relatively straight forward, but the firm makes sure that everyone is kept informed during its daily stand ups. On the technical side, Continuous Delivery is used, meaning frequent releases, and employees liaising with clients often."

"Finally, the main challenge faced by the industry is FinTech fatigue. In the early years there was a great deal of hype that surrounded this market, but as we come out of the hype cycle many potential investors and clients are more informed and naturally more cautious. This can be addressed if firms are able to demonstrate that they are genuinely solving industry problems. There have been too many "disruptors" in the past, with claims of revolutionising markets, whereas start- ups need to establish credibility by building a solution to a recognised problem."

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