23 Jul

Embracing Evolution in Fixed Income Trading

TABB Forum recently published Steve's article, written about how the Fixed Income is evolving, rapidly migrating away from the phone onto electronic venues. E-trading delivers significant benefits (capturing accurate data and reporting it to regulators, transparency, liquidity, and increased efficiency). BUT it is resulting in market fragmentation, meaning connectivity is a hot topic.

24 Jan

The Importance of Connectivity in Fixed Income

Do Order Management Systems inhibit innovation in institutional fixed income trading? On balance, YES....

18 Aug

Weekly Roundup - Trends in Fixed Income Trading 2017 (Part 2)

GreySpark has just published the second part of its Trends in FI Trading, which includes a review of TransFICC's recently launched One API for eTrading.

08 Jun

Weekly Roundup - Market Connectivity and Liquidity Aggregation

This week a piece in Markets Media stood out - mainly because it validates our business model. AxeTrading has received an investment of €2m, and Algomi and AllianceBernstein announced they will launch a bond market aggregator. This illustrates the demand for technology that helps navigate the fragmented bond market.

09 Feb

New IOSCO Report Highlights The Importance of Connectivity for Fixed Income

"The recent proliferation of electronic trading platforms has created a set of challenges for market participants...These challenges highlight the importance of addressing order to provide access to appropriate platforms and counterparties, as well as to allow aggregation and search functions..."

01 Dec

Fragmentation - Not Just A Problem For Fixed Income

Interesting to hear that FX is facing similar challenges to those faced by Fixed Income