25 Aug

Weekly Roundup - The Evolution of Corporate Bond Trading

This week we highlight an article written by Jim Greco in his weekly newsletter, TradingPlaces. Jim's article looks at the rise of e-trading, with venues introducing alternative forms of liquidity and e-trading firms emerging to become some of the largest liquidity providers.

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10 May

The Holy Grail for Technology Firms - Matching Corporate Bonds

A very interesting piece by Shanny Basar at Markets Media points to the expected growth of all-to-all corporate bond trading, the increasing number of venues offering all-to-all, how market data is exploding, and the role of technology in connecting these markets. It's got it all.

28 Feb

Electronification in Credit Markets and the Emergence of All-to-All Marketplaces

Thomas Thees from CastleOak Securities speaks with Larry Tabb - We have now reached the point where technology supports both the sell- and buy-side being price makers. Thees discusses the emergence of all-to-all marketplaces, the trader’s responsibility to achieve best execution, and the value of data.

Credit Trading
03 Oct

Credit Bond Trading Venues - What Is The Size Of The Prize?

Joel Clark looks at fragmentation in credit bond trading and the venues battling for market share.

15 Jun

Trading Intentions Survey 2016

The Desk has published its 2016 survey. In Credit trading named venues increased from 19 in 2015 to 28 in 2016. The market continues to fragment.