Mm Mifid
17 Dec

MiFID II Boosts e-Fixed Income Trading

E-trading has grown between 77% and 56% across bond asset classes since the introduction of MiFID II

12 Oct

MiFID II Drives Growth in e-Trading

Remember MiFID II? It's back in the news - seen as the catalyst for recently reported platform volume growth

15 Jan

MiFID II Data To Drive Bond Market Structure

Shanny Basar at Markets Media writes about how MiFID II is driving the evolution of eFI trading, with expected increases in e-trading volumes and market data - two issues that are resolved by TransFICC

27 Jan

MiFID II, Transparency And Its Impact On The Market

More on MiFID II and transparency. We expect to see more OTC trading moving to regulated electronic venues, as these venues are obliged to meet the transparency requirements.

14 Oct

Time Is Back In Fashion......According to MiFID II

Geeky we know, but its not just us who are talking about the need to timestamp an event to within 100 microseconds. Joanna Wright at Waters Technology reports on new timestamping regulation and the need to synchronise clocks.

Reg Tech
09 Jul

Key Themes From The RegTech Capital Markets Conference

RegTech has the support of the regulators, but for it to grow the whole market needs to take responsibility, breaking down barriers and giving innovative technology a chance

30 Jun

MiFID II and Workflow - The Rise of the Machines (or.....Is Technology the Answer?)

In 18 months time MiFID II becomes law in the EU. Trading institutions need to look at the technology that supports their workflow now to avoid becoming the Nokia of the Fixed Income and Derivatives markets.

20 Jun

Time.....Where does it come from?

Why is time important in a computing world? MiFID and the importance of the microsecond.

All Roads
17 Jun

All Roads Lead to Technology for the Buy Side

In a recent TABB study of 100 Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, 66% believe that even if MiFID II is never implemented in the US, it will impact them. All roads in this new global ecosystem for the buy side lead to technology

04 May

MiFID II Delays are Reducing Tech Debt, Not Increasing it

Research from GreySpark - delays in MiFID II are allowing banks and the buy-side to think more holistically about tech upgrades

19 Oct

Post-MiFID II RTS: What Next for Fixed Income in Europe

Managing workflow to comply with MiFID II transparency. "There will need to be a wholesale embrace of automated workflows - front to back - for firms to understand what their obligations are..."