15 Jan

MiFID II Data To Drive Bond Market Structure

Shanny Basar at Markets Media writes about how MiFID II is driving the evolution of eFI trading, with expected increases in e-trading volumes and market data - two issues that are resolved by TransFICC

30 Nov

MiFID II Likely to Become International Best Practice

The unbundling of research and best execution requirements under MiFID II could become best practice worldwide, as commercial pressures are driving asset managers outside the EU to revise their execution processes and policies.

18 Aug

Weekly Roundup - Trends in Fixed Income Trading 2017 (Part 2)

GreySpark has just published the second part of its Trends in FI Trading, which includes a review of TransFICC's recently launched One API for eTrading.

21 May

Weekly Roundup - The View From Boston

Views from last week's Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Boston. Two full days talking about the key themes in Fixed Income - Fragmentation, Regulation, Transparency and e-Trading.

15 Nov

The Fixed Income Leaders Summit - Takeaways

Steve's thoughts on the Fixed Income Leaders Summit, organised by WBR Research

16 Sep

New Report From WBR Highlights The Key Challenges Facing Fixed Income In Europe

Results of WBR's research into some of the issues facing the fixed income markets. The survey was completed by 100 senior buy-side professionals based in Europe.

Mi Fid Ii Booklet
30 Aug

MiFID II Booklet From The Trade

Very good overview of MiFID II

30 Jun

MiFID II and Workflow - The Rise of the Machines (or.....Is Technology the Answer?)

In 18 months time MiFID II becomes law in the EU. Trading institutions need to look at the technology that supports their workflow now to avoid becoming the Nokia of the Fixed Income and Derivatives markets.

All Roads
17 Jun

All Roads Lead to Technology for the Buy Side

In a recent TABB study of 100 Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, 66% believe that even if MiFID II is never implemented in the US, it will impact them. All roads in this new global ecosystem for the buy side lead to technology

19 Oct

Post-MiFID II RTS: What Next for Fixed Income in Europe

Managing workflow to comply with MiFID II transparency. "There will need to be a wholesale embrace of automated workflows - front to back - for firms to understand what their obligations are..."