One API for eTrading

TransFICC is an eTrading technology company providing solutions for the Fixed Income and Derivatives Markets.

The Problem

Fragmented markets
Exploding market data rates
Regulatory Trading and reporting requirements

In January 2018, MiFID II/R will require changes to the trading, clearing and reporting of bonds, commodities and derivatives. Banks and the buy-side will need to update their technology and workflows to meet transparency and best execution requirements.

In addition, organisations are faced with a fragmented market of over 120 trading venues and legacy technology that is too slow to manage market data and pricing requirements.

The Solution

We formed TransFICC in response to bank clients asking for solutions to the issues of fragmentation, exploding market data rates and MiFID II/R reporting for eTrading in Fixed Income.

TransFICC is a new fintech company with expertise in building the fast, flexible, scalable technology required to meet the market changes head on and provide clients with a more flexible business model.

Our technology uses open source components focused on high performance messaging.

Our technology enables co-ordinated timing between fragmented venues, scalability of market data, and robust controls and reporting required under MiFID II/R.

The TransFICC API is now available for developer test drive.

Our API is quick and easy to use. Don't just take our word for it, look at this feedback from one of our clients....

"I really like the way you made the asynchronous programming model so simple to use, with builder patterns, fluent style and centralised callback registration (e.g. you register all your callbacks in the same ClientBuilder...)"

For more information please contact us.

Have we done this before?

Yes, the TransFICC development team has significant technical expertise, having previously worked for LMAX Exchange, recognised for its technological excellence and innovation.