Is your legacy eTrading infrastructure slow and inflexible?
Ours isn't.

All of our technology is built in house.

We use several technologies and methodologies to provide the highest performance for eTrading:

What is SBE?
A standard for encoding and decoding FIX and other application protocols in Binary format.

What does SBE do?

  1. Fast encoding /decoding of messages at presentation layer
  2. Makes use of native CPU level instructions
  3. Precision of Decimal numbers/time stamps in native binary format
  4. Differentiates fixed length character arrays from variable length strings
  5. Preference for fixed position/fixed length fields

How Fast is SBE?
30 Million + messages encoded/decoded on a single thread per second

Average Latency?
30 nanoS per message

What is a Nano Second?
1 billionth of a second
= 0.000 000 001 seconds

Why SBE?

  1. Encoding/Decoding messages often uses more CPU time than business logic
  2. FIX requires the management of a significant volume of variable length elements which must be sequentially processed
  3. SBE’s fixed length fields can be processed much faster
  4. Using binary also keeps bandwidth down when sending messages over a WAN