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Consolidated Tape

What is it?

TransFICC is an active supporter of the Capital Markets Union action plan to improve price transparency, increase competition and level the playing field in European Fixed Income markets. Working with industry groups, Regulators, and multiple market participants/consortia on the solution, TransFICC is in a prime position to deliver the technology and infrastructure for the Consolidated Tape (CT).

Delivering a low cost, efficient solution with reduced time to market

Leveraging its existing One API product, TransFICC has built a CT Pilot for EU Fixed Income. Currently the pilot is being tested by Banks, Asset Managers and Data Providers.

Using key components from TransFICC’s existing normalised post-trade feed and network infrastucture, the CT is expected to have a shorter development timeline and lower development costs than other CT initiatives, resulting in a cost-effective solution for the market - a key requirement for the EU.

The EU has proposed a list of key technology attributes, all of which are met by TransFICC. The CT pilot has been tested for ease of integration, performance at production level loads, and the robustness of the system.

Banks, buy-side firms, and venues wanting to test, can get access to the TransFICC API documentation and connectivity details via GitHub. Firms wanting to take part in the CT pilot should email [email protected].


High Speed Market Data Dissemination
High Speed Market Data Dissemination
Proven Technical Resilience
Proven Technical Resilience
Protocols to Prevent and Address Outages
Protocols to Prevent and Address Outages
Medium for Storage of Historic Data
Storage of Historic data
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Lower technology costs