IRS & Credit eTrading Service

What is it?

eTrading supports IRS and Credit trading workflows. The service combines a desktop GUI, pricing engine negotiation workflow, and low latency connectivity to global trading venues and sources of market data. Developed in response to client requests for increased efficiency when managing RFQs, eTrading presents traders with pop-up tickets to support manual GUI trading, with pricing fields automatically populated by internal pricing engines.

This plug and play service supports all IRS and Credit workflows, provides full disaster recovery, and is quick to install (production installation in 2 weeks).

This service is built to make it easy for banks to use and deploy - Single Sign On (support for external identity providers using protocols such as SAML), FDC3 support for desktop app interoperability, Aeron for message replication and logging, web sockets API for the pricer plug-in, and dedicated hosting to ensure Compliance approval.

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TransACT (Automated Customer Trading) - negotiates on the bank’s behalf

TransACT addresses the core challenge faced by dealers, where each trading venue API is different and support multiple complex trade workflows per asset class. TransACT provides one simple workflow for automation and is quick to deploy.

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Outright Trading & Live/Historical RFQ Blotter - IRS

Multi-RFQ negotiation panel for live D2C trading with live and historical blotter view. Plug and play integration with external price source for live pricing and streaming.

Trans FICC Screenshot 2

Multi-Leg Strategies - IRS

Handling of multi-legs strategies such as IRS curve trades. Package spread management integrated with live pricing.

Etrading new AON

All-Or-None List Trading (Compression Trades) - IRS

Supporting AON list trading. Performant handling of a large number of items with support for basket Net Present Value negotiation.


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