10 Aug

All Change - Technology & Efficiency Are The (Old) New Buzzwords in Fixed Income

The Phoenix Edition of the Financial Technologist magazine is live. With pieces written about all aspects of Financial Markets' FinTech and RegTech it is a good read - especially page 55, where Steve writes about Fixed Income tech.

A couple of excerpts -

"Evolution in Fixed Income Trading - Fast Forward
Driven largely by regulation and the drive towards increased transparency, combined with capturing and reporting data to regulators, the high volume and more liquid parts of the Fixed Income market began migrating to electronic channels over the past few years. However, we are now seeing the pace of change quicken, with COVID-19 hitting the fast-forward button."

"Technology Is The Answer
We have said this before, but now more than ever, technology will continue to dominate discussions over the next year. At TransFICC we have seen enquiries increase over the past six weeks (something we honestly didn’t expect), as firms have already started looking at ways to reduce their costs, and increase compliance and security, all whilst ensuring that they are able to access the highly fragmented Fixed Income market."

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