13 Jul

Weekly Roundup - Trends in Fixed Income Trading 2017

New report from GreySpark highlights the structural shift taking place in corporate and government bond trading.

30 Jun

Weekly Roundup - Asia FinTech

FinTech is HOT in Asia - Steve and Tom have just returned from two exhausting days at the Echelon Asia Summit.

21 May

Weekly Roundup - The View From Boston

Views from last week's Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Boston. Two full days talking about the key themes in Fixed Income - Fragmentation, Regulation, Transparency and e-Trading.

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10 May

The Holy Grail for Technology Firms - Matching Corporate Bonds

A very interesting piece by Shanny Basar at Markets Media points to the expected growth of all-to-all corporate bond trading, the increasing number of venues offering all-to-all, how market data is exploding, and the role of technology in connecting these markets. It's got it all.

03 May

Weekly Roundup - Technology And Fragmentation Drive Market Data Volumes

When markets were more manual and intermediated by people, the flow of information was limited to human networks. Electronic markets, coupled with increased market fragmentation, have multiplied the volume of market data exponentially.

25 Apr

Weekly Roundup - We Are All Dealers Now & The Bright Road Ahead For APAC Market Data

Two articles caught our eye over the last week, which highlight how the Fixed Income market continues to evolve. An article in The Economist highlighted the growth of all-to-all e-trading in corporate bonds and Markets Media published a comment piece about the growth of Market Data in APAC.

19 Apr

Connectivity Platforms Report FI Deals Ahead of MiFID II

Sobia Hamid at The Desk reports that the increase in Fixed Income e-trading is driving the growth of secure connectivity channels.

Meet Me
13 Apr

Meet Me On A Venue

Corporate Bonds - Under MiFID II there will still be phone calls, but the calls will end when it comes to market-making. If a trade is deemed Large in Size or Size Specific to Instrument Thresholds, clients will hear, "Meet me on a venue".

03 Apr

FinTech - Delivering Generational Change In Capital Markets

"...the financial industry is going through a generational change in market structure due to deleveraging, regulation and zero tolerance of compliance failures." - Markets Media interviews Mark Beeston, from Illuminate Financial Management.

24 Mar

Fixed Income Leaders Summit - Boston - 16 -18 May

Steve is pitching TransFICC again....this time to the FinTech Shark Tank in Boston

03 Mar

EMEA FIX Trading Conference - Takeaways

Yesterday, Steve attended a busy EMEA FIX Trading Conference. Unsurprisingly, discussions were dominated by MiFID II, with most panels highlighting how the structure of Fixed Income and Derivatives markets will change as a response to regulation.

28 Feb

Electronification in Credit Markets and the Emergence of All-to-All Marketplaces

Thomas Thees from CastleOak Securities speaks with Larry Tabb - We have now reached the point where technology supports both the sell- and buy-side being price makers. Thees discusses the emergence of all-to-all marketplaces, the trader’s responsibility to achieve best execution, and the value of data.

09 Feb

New IOSCO Report Highlights The Importance of Connectivity for Fixed Income

"The recent proliferation of electronic trading platforms has created a set of challenges for market participants...These challenges highlight the importance of addressing order to provide access to appropriate platforms and counterparties, as well as to allow aggregation and search functions..."

27 Jan

MiFID II, Transparency And Its Impact On The Market

More on MiFID II and transparency. We expect to see more OTC trading moving to regulated electronic venues, as these venues are obliged to meet the transparency requirements.

16 Jan

Object Pooling Using Deque, Results in Mean Latency of 0.56 Microseconds

Tom's blog has been getting a lot of attention over the past month, due to a client sharing the Micro Benchmark Testing results - particularly the mean latency of 0.56 microseconds (stack object pooling using deque).

01 Dec

Fragmentation - Not Just A Problem For Fixed Income

Interesting to hear that FX is facing similar challenges to those faced by Fixed Income

29 Nov

Why Aren't They Shouting?

Steve just finished 'Why Aren't they Shouting?' By Kevin Rodgers, who is recently ex Deutsche Bank FICC. If you want to understand how capital markets work, how banks have evolved and the role of technology, it’s well worth a read.

21 Nov

Cracking The Nut - Open Sourcing From a Single Source Tree

Judd discusses the benefits of using a single source tree and how to avoid the pitfalls

15 Nov

The Fixed Income Leaders Summit - Takeaways

Steve's thoughts on the Fixed Income Leaders Summit, organised by WBR Research

11 Nov

Dragons' Den Votes For TransFICC

Steve pitched TransFICC in the Dragons' Den at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit....and won.

07 Nov

Fixed Income Leaders Summit - Barcelona - 8-10 November, 2016

Steve is pitching TransFICC in Dragons' Den at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit later this week.

21 Oct

New Report On Hedge Fund Technology Spending

A new study highlights increasing investment in technology by Hedge Funds, as they seek regulatory compliance and efficiency gains.

14 Oct

Time Is Back In Fashion......According to MiFID II

Geeky we know, but its not just us who are talking about the need to timestamp an event to within 100 microseconds. Joanna Wright at Waters Technology reports on new timestamping regulation and the need to synchronise clocks.

Credit Trading
03 Oct

Credit Bond Trading Venues - What Is The Size Of The Prize?

Joel Clark looks at fragmentation in credit bond trading and the venues battling for market share.