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10 Oct

FILS - The View from Barcelona

Steve has just returned from FILS in Barcelona, with a couple of key takeaways - Direct Connectivity and Regulation (again)

23 Jul

Embracing Evolution in Fixed Income Trading

TABB Forum recently published Steve's article, written about how the Fixed Income is evolving, rapidly migrating away from the phone onto electronic venues. E-trading delivers significant benefits (capturing accurate data and reporting it to regulators, transparency, liquidity, and increased efficiency). BUT it is resulting in market fragmentation, meaning connectivity is a hot topic.

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24 Jun

FILS - The View From Philadelphia

Steve has just come back from the Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Philadelphia, where he met a lot of people, listened to some great panels, and presented “What Fixed Income can Learn from Gaming and Netflix"

25 Aug

Weekly Roundup - The Evolution of Corporate Bond Trading

This week we highlight an article written by Jim Greco in his weekly newsletter, TradingPlaces. Jim's article looks at the rise of e-trading, with venues introducing alternative forms of liquidity and e-trading firms emerging to become some of the largest liquidity providers.

13 Jul

Weekly Roundup - Trends in Fixed Income Trading 2017

New report from GreySpark highlights the structural shift taking place in corporate and government bond trading.

19 Apr

Connectivity Platforms Report FI Deals Ahead of MiFID II

Sobia Hamid at The Desk reports that the increase in Fixed Income e-trading is driving the growth of secure connectivity channels.

Meet Me
13 Apr

Meet Me On A Venue

Corporate Bonds - Under MiFID II there will still be phone calls, but the calls will end when it comes to market-making. If a trade is deemed Large in Size or Size Specific to Instrument Thresholds, clients will hear, "Meet me on a venue".

09 Feb

New IOSCO Report Highlights The Importance of Connectivity for Fixed Income

"The recent proliferation of electronic trading platforms has created a set of challenges for market participants...These challenges highlight the importance of addressing order to provide access to appropriate platforms and counterparties, as well as to allow aggregation and search functions..."

29 Nov

Why Aren't They Shouting?

Steve just finished 'Why Aren't they Shouting?' By Kevin Rodgers, who is recently ex Deutsche Bank FICC. If you want to understand how capital markets work, how banks have evolved and the role of technology, it’s well worth a read.

07 Nov

Fixed Income Leaders Summit - Barcelona - 8-10 November, 2016

Steve is pitching TransFICC in Dragons' Den at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit later this week.

16 Sep

New Report From WBR Highlights The Key Challenges Facing Fixed Income In Europe

Results of WBR's research into some of the issues facing the fixed income markets. The survey was completed by 100 senior buy-side professionals based in Europe.

12 Sep

Fixing Fixed Income

Great article by Brett Chappell - "The buy-side needs to learn how to aggregate data and above all how to aggregate liquidity."

15 Jun

Trading Intentions Survey 2016

The Desk has published its 2016 survey. In Credit trading named venues increased from 19 in 2015 to 28 in 2016. The market continues to fragment.